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Arvin Alert

arvin alert poster

Arvin Alert™ Heater Endorsement & Black & Decker Automatic Shut-Off™. NFSC was approached by Arvin Industries to seek out an endorsement of their latest product with a fire safety feature a safety alarm and alert light that alerts the consumer if the heater is bumped, tipped over, or overheats. NFSC was included in the packaging and advertising of this product.

Automatic Shut-Off Iron

black n decker

Black & Decker Automatic Shut-Off™ Iron. In 1987, NFSC was asked by Black & Decker to endorse their latest product, their Automatic Shut-Off™ iron. This product beeps to warn you it’s been left on, then shuts itself off and stays off even if knocked over, preventing needless accidental fires. NFSC was included in the packaging and advertising of this product.

Although NFSC, Inc. endorsed these products in the past, it should be noted that we no longer participate in product endorsement campaigns.

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