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Materials are available exclusively through fire departments nationwide.


The Firepup® Mascot Costume was created by the Research and Development Department and patented by National Fire Safety Council, Inc. The Firepup® costume includes pants, shirt, fire coat, boot spats, paw gloves, and a fan-cooled head and is designed to allow free movement. Children respond to the costume in a positive manner and recognize Firepup® wherever he goes.

The Firepup® mascot costume is a must have for programs and events that further public information, education, and awareness in fire & life safety and burn prevention.

The Firepup® mascot costume can be seen at many public functions across the country, including school assemblies, classroom discussions, grand openings, parades, promotions, hospitals, festivals and fairs, & community events.

firepup mascot costume 2015

Life-Size Firepup® Mascot Costume



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