693F: Cook with Care! Banner

Banner Measures: 3’ x 8’

Cook with Care! Kids keep back 3 feet!

Cooking is, by far, the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries in the U.S. The “Cook with Care!” banner is a great way to help educate your community & draw attention to your local fire safety educational programs at no cost to your department! It also makes a colorful background behind speakers during virtual events and videos.

NFSC’s fire safety mascot Firepup® encourages everyone to know what to do in an emergency! The “Cook with Care!” banner reminds us to:
• Cook with CARE!
• Never leave cooking unattended.
• Turn off the stove, even if only leaving for a minute.
• Kids, keep back 3 feet!
• Practice your Home Fire Escape Plan, too.

The “Cook with Care!” full-color banner is perfect to display inside and outside local fire departments, on fire trucks, neighborhood event centers, during parades, school events, shopping malls & stores, & public libraries. It’s pretty much great for any event your local fire fighters attend.

The banner is made of durable 15oz. scrim vinyl, features 8 brass grommets (4 on the top and 4 along the bottom), and has heat weld hemmed edges. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use & features wind slits. This banner is easy to hang, roll up for storage, and is light-weight to transport.