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The Firepup® and his Fire Safety Brigade® Color Me Fire Safe app is another unique NFSC way to spread fire safety awareness. Use this opportunity to discuss basic fire safety topics with children.

Color Me Fire Safe


Most kids love to color and Firepup®'s Color Me Fire Safe App makes it easy and fun. You can color Firepup® and his Fire Safety Brigade®, Ashley, Pumper, Hosey, and Coati. After your masterpiece is completed you can snap a picture and download it to share with your friends or print and share. Printing the black & white version allows you to color by hand. What a great way for kids to get to know Firepup® and his motto: "Be fire safety smart! Stop fires before they start®".

How to Play: Click the "Play Now" button. Press the "Tap to choose colorsheet" button and select one of the 5 colorsheet choices. Tap the crayon color and then tap the image to fill in the color. When finished, press the "Snapshot" button and then download to save. Press "Reset Colors" button to color it again or the "Color Me" button to see our colors.

Available for most Desktop Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones.

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